Customer reviews of Personal Fission Reactor hybrid conversions.

Acura MDX 2005
Average: City 11.1
After install: 16.3

Alfa Romeo 3.2 GTA
Single reactor  kit + Volo fS2. Gains of up to 30%.

Chrysler Town and Country Van 3.3L V6 2002     
Average: 19-21 mpg
After install: 28.5 mpg

Chevy Blazer 4.3L 2004
Average: 16 mpg
After install : 26.5 MPG
System: Single reactor kit with Volo Fs2-HHO Chip electronics
“That is a HUGE increase. . . Still fine tuning the system as well, but I'm looking forward to posting more information on this install. Running 14-15 amps so far yielded the highest test result so far.”

Chevrolet K3500 Dually Crew Cab  1997
Average: 13.5 mpg
After install: 19.5 mpg
“Just wanted to say I'm impressed with the units I bought and have been having good results.  I'm currently experimenting trying to find the best balance for amps and mileage increase.  I have a 1997 Chevy K3500 Duallie crew cab that when I tested the empty truck I was getting 13.5mpg.  When I use the dual kit I get 19.5mpg!  There are exhaust and computer upgrades I could do but I lost my job of 23 years and am now in the process of moving myself across country so no money to play with the truck right now.  Now I'm pulling a 20ft enclosed car hauler full of stuff each trip between Ohio and Kansas roughly 650 miles each way.  Last mileage check was 11.5mpg on the trip.  The last trip was extremely windy so I know that made a big difference.  I was disappointed with the 11.5mpg until it sunk in that with out the units the mileage would have been down around 5.5mpg.  If I'm figuring this correctly the trip without the units at 5.5mpg and diesel at $4.06 would have cost me almost $450 in additional fuel.”

Chevrolet 350 Pick Up Truck  1989
Average:  13 mpg
After install: 19 mpg

Chevrolet Suburban 350 5.7L  1996
Average: City  12mpg/ Hwy 17mpg
After install: 30 mpg avg
System: 4.7 amps
“The stuff I have done is: 1) I installed 4 cells, with 4 bubblers and one extra bubbler as a gas dryer. They run at 18A each. 2) I exchanged the engine oil to 20% Bi-tron. 3) The transmission oil is with 20% Bi-tron as well and the differential too.4) I installed a cold air intake. 5) Volo chip (it's a 1996) I am not sure if the 1995 has a OBDII port already, otherwise you can use a digital efie 6) A MAP/MAF regulator installed and the fuel pressure down by about 12%” 7) Alignment done 8) Tires with gas fillings 9) Racing headers (that was probably the most expensive of it all) 10) I polished the intake manifold with a dremel and made it nice smooth (that was the most work of it all) 11) I changed the alternator to a very powerful 350Amps alternator, in idle this thing still kicks out 120A That was necessary because on the highway the large 5.7L 350 engine doesn't rev more than about 1200 rpm.”

Chevrolet Z71 4X4 Truck V8  2013
Average: City 14.7 mpg
After install: 19.4 mpg
- Gary W.

Chevy 6.5L Turbo Diesel Truck  1999
Average: City 17mpg
After install: 23 mpg

Chevrolet Silverado Pick-up Truck 1989
Average: City
After install: mpg
MPG increase in City with 4.7-5 Amps
“Well our initial results are in and we are happy, we did two identical trips, with fuses out for hydrogen and with fuses in and we data logged both trips, only thing that worked properly was the fuel usage, for some reason the mixtures didnt come up, but the difference was 26% better with hydrogen on demand, add to this the Volo chip at 5%, so we have31% for our first log in the Silverado, this is with 20 amps per cell, or 40 amps total. We are stoked that’s a $25 saving per tank.”

Crown Victoria  1996
Average: City 21 mpg
After install: 29 mpg
System:  Dual Reactor Kit

Dodge Neon  2002
Average: City 28 mpg
After install: 39-40 mpg
System: Single Cell PERSONAL FISSION REACTOR Kit w/FS2 Chip
- Henry, Colorado

Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi  2011
Average: 18.2 mpg Hwy
After install: 24.6 mpg Hwy
System: Dual Reactor Kit w/ Volo Fs2 HHO Chip
- Gary Woodward of Saltville, VA

Dodge Ram 3500 5.9L Diesel Cummins  1999
Average: 16 mpg
After install: 23mpg
System: Dual Fission Reactors
“ Love your products, Not only am I getting better gas mileage but My truck is running So much quieter than before, the little bit of smoke I had is now Gone, and I definitely feel more power. . . Reports 23 MPG as a good average at the moment. . . “

Dodge 1 ton Cummins Diesel  1995
Average:  17.8 mpg
After install: 19 mpg
System: 4.7 amps
“I started with 59-60 amps and have worked my way down to 10 amps.  The most mpg increase I have seen is only about 1 mpg.  What has really surprised me is the power increase and the way that my motor seems to run quieter.  I tow a 12,000 lb. boat and with the 10 amp HHO assist the power curve from the boat launch to the highway is very impressive. My truck has over 200K miles on it and it idles around 875 rpm and may need to have the timing checked.  That could be a reason for poor mileage. 15 - 17 mpg with HHO is my city/highway average.  That being said, my truck purrs like a kitten and has awesome power. “
- Gerald White

Ford Explorer Sport Trac  2001
Average: City 13-14 mpg
After install: 20 mpg

Ford F-150  2002
Average:  15mpg
After Install: 20 mpg
System:  Dual Reactor Kit
“I am getting 20mpg which is a 25% increase in gas mileage.  The install was very easy and after about 3 weeks of tuning I think that’s what I can count on. I have been running at 18-20 volts and installed a gauge to measure the H2 output  the generator is putting out about 2.0 liters, I also installed a digital EFIE which I can adjust from the cab of the truck while driving and I have it set at.-90mv for the MAF and +190mv for the O2 sensors. If I change it from there I get a check engine light. Thanks for making a great product.“
- Art Broska

Ford F-250  2008
System: Dual Cell HHO Conversion kit. Working amps are 3-4 per cell.
“Reports a nice 35% increase on his 2008 Ford F250 Using Dual reactor Conversion kit. Working amps are 3-4 per unit.”
- Curt Thomas , PA

F-650 Ford 5.9L Cummins Diesel
 Average: 7-7.5 mpg
 After Install: 9.5- 11 mpg
System: 4 Reactors 25-28 amps = Around 6-7 amps per cell
Used for Towing in the Downtown Baltimore Area (City + Towing)  

Ford 350 Superduity Diesel  2005
“Before I installed my duel kit with thee qrt reservoir I was getting 14 mpg highway and now I'm getting 23 mpg. I'm not sure about city driving I don't do enough to gauge it. I also installed true duel 4" turbo back exhaust, Air aid cold air intake, an Edge Juice with Attitude chip instead of the volo chip and an Access tonneau cover. With all these adjustments I was able to squeeze 9 mpg out of a 640 hsp diesel pig. Not to bad. All thanks to you. And the customer service is the best going. Thanks. “
- Stan, Alberta Canada

Ford F-350SD 4x4 2004
MPG City 17 to 25 MPG
MPG Hwy 22 to 38 MPG at 70 mph.
“The measure for city traffic is 0.35 Liters/minute per liter of engine bore at 35 mph, or 14 amps in my case. In highway I use 0.55 to 0.65 Liters/minute per liter of engine bore. My car is a 2.4 L so the real output from the system is from 0.84 L/min at 14 amp to 1.32 L/min at 22 amp. I use an airflow gauge each time I toss the old fluid and replace with new. Once you know the system’s output and the amperage related with it, you can figure if your concentration is right by just watching your ammeter. I also use a PWM. That way I can bring down the power going through the cell to almost zero when stuck in traffic and release to max when at 70 to 75 mph. That extends the life of the electrolyte and results in better overall mileage no matter where I’m driving.”

Ford F-350SD 4X4 crew cab long bed dually with 6.0L Diesel  2004
“Oh and it has a 6" lift with 36" tires. Even after reading everywhere online that because of the way the injectors are on the motor I wouldn't see much benefit. I did it anyway. Jumping from 16 HWY- 20 Hwy. I was impressed. (VERY). I don't know the amps or liter/min. I installed the two reactors in the bumper opening and the tank behind the grille. Perfect location.”

Ford Escort  2000
“Just installed this system (Single Kit with a Volo Chip) a couple weeks ago. Original mpg was 34. Right now seeing 40mpg! On his first testing with 5 amps, gained 6 MPG! How awesome is that!”

Ford Mustang 4.0L V6
“hi guys, greetings from Phoenix. I took the car for a long drive and got good mileage. I drove 335 miles and got 37.5 mpg! And my amp meter was reading 25- 30 amps. Before install I got 28-29 MPG.mustang 4.0liters V6 manual transmission. “

GMC High Sierra Truck  1986
“44 MPG! ...This is an optimal test. Here is my everyday driving Miles Per Gallon. I get on average 18 MPG city and 26 MPG hwy in my 1986 GMC High Sierra with hydrogen.”

Honda Accord  1984
 i use 94 octane fuel with my unit... always have.....costs a few cents more, but the mileage is worth it...now i get 68 mpg on highway 36  in  town driving..before installing your unit i was getting about 22mpg in town and 32 highway. i ordered another one of these for my lawn tractor”
- Roy Phillips

Honda Accord   2008
MPG Before Install:  City 22.3 Hwy 33.5
MPG After Install:     City 56.2 Hwy 69.8
“I started with your ideas about the amps. (The high teens to low 20's) I'm still experimenting with that.  I have HHO going to the PCV hose but I also connected off of that hose (after the check valve) and ran it to the air intake. This basically lets the butterfly valve decide automatically where the HHO will come from. With this setup the MPG dropped some BUT, the MPG in the mountains and the power is the best I've ever experienced. I also put a valve on this hose to help out with the balance.”

Isuzu Rodeo  2001
“Getting an additional 10-12 Miles per gallon. Sent  a video of install.”

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005
“MPG increase with the system at 15 amps.  The initial 30 amps was too much/ adjustments necessary”

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7L  2007
“Gain of 5 MPG with the system currently. All foam has been reduced, and at 15 amps the system is getting them gains. Initial 30 amps was far too much, and after adjustment, they are now enjoying the benefits of A Nicely Installed system.”

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited  2005
“We have all have heard the saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages.’ I finished the install on the 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited this past April and it works great. For such a small cell, it is amazing.  Wasn't able to get a good base line as some weeks prior to the install I had already installed O2 sensor extenders and didn't want to take them out yet but based on some records from last years fuel purchases, average city with stop and go was about 12.5 MPG.  I already had a dual MAP enhancer so installed it - seems to be a little temperamental but once adjusted seems to work OK. I take the jeep to Nebraska (Lake McConaughy) and leave it there for the summer.  One quick test before the install on the highway was about 15 MPG.  The drive to Nebraska - 236 miles proved 23 MPG .”
-John Vine

Kia Spectra 4cyl.  2006
Installed your one reactor kit including the Volo chip in my 2006 Kia Spectra 4 Cyl. Factory estimated in town mileage to be 22mpg it is now 40mpg. Thank you so much for the great products you offer.”
- Scott Chase, Florida

Kia Soul  2010
Single kit running at 8-9 amps. Before install 27.7 mpg was his average fuel economy. After Dr. Fission install average fuel economy is 40.04 mpg. Calculations show the kit will completely pay for itself in 6 months. The next 6 months is all savings. This means over $300 savings in the first year alone. The second year will yield over $650 in savings.”

Lexus 3.0 RX300 2000
Before hwy : 13.9 Very poor
After hwy: 21.1 MPG!!!!

Lexus IS300  2001
“I just bought this kit to see if it works and save gas. I put in a 2001 Lexus IS300. I was getting 19mpg now I get 25mpg. I will buy more for my other cars!!!"

Lincoln LS 3.0  2001
Personal Fission Reactor + Volo fs2-hho chip
Before MPG : 21-22 mpg
After installing Dr. Fission reactor: 29-30 mpg

Mazda B2200 Extended Bed Truck  1988
45% increase in MPG
“I have been extremely satisfied with performance since is saving me 45% on gas (more than what you estimate, 2 months over $300.00), so no complaints there.”

Mazda Protégé   1992
I am only using the line that goes to the air intake before the air filter. For my first initial trial run I have gained 9.5 mpg, I think I need to replace my oxygen sensor on it. I have not even started tweaking the system yet, so far I am pretty happy getting 39.5 miles a gallon. Most of my travel is highway miles. For now I have my line hooked up quite always from the air filter, when I have time I will hook it up inches from the filter. This is pretty amazing stuff, we had to fill our gas tank up every two and a half days and now it is looking like we may only have to fill it every four days and should get even better as I tweak the system.”

Mercedes diesel - 5 Cylinders 1983
I went from 23 mpg up to 30-35 miles per gallon with one of your PFR.  I am excited to see it can hit 40 mpg with 2!

Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 2.0L  1998
I installed everything as instructed but for this test I used NaOH (sodium hydroxide) as my electrolyte. I plan on using e-water for my next test. Due to the cost of the EFIE chip I resorted to the cheaper MAP sensor enhancer. The cell was producing about .5 liters per minute which is less than I wanted but I know I can produce more with the right electrolyte. The results after driving 130 miles was that i used about 3.5 gallons (3-4 gallons) of gas (I couldn't be completely accurate because they were different gas stations and the pump clicks at different times) and yielding between 35-40 mpg. I was originally getting 26-27 mpg so this is a great result with about a 10 mpg increase. I will send you guys another email after I use the e-water and with the amp meter hooked up. Hope this helps. If I didn't include a part of the result that you want just let me know.”

Mitsubishi Lancer  1997
“It saved 37% on gas, Less engine vibration, mechanical noise minimized, power steering softened and engine temperature lowered”

Mitsubishi Gallant  2008
“went from 24 mpg to 35 mpg. very satisfied”
- Bill Taylor

Mountain Aire  2004
It's a 39 Ft Class A with a 580 Ci HUGE gasoline engine. The mileage we were getting before the HHO was about 4-6 MPG.  With a SINGLE generator operating at about 20Amps with the proper solution mix we jumped to a steady 8 MPG.  I know it doesn't sound like much but that's a great jump considering what we were getting before.  I'm convinced if I buy a second generator the results will climb even higher.”
- Jeremy Scheehl

Nissan Xterra 3.3L  2004
“Got the kit installed on my 2004 Nissan Xterra 3.3L . All is going great with my Nissan! 8.6 mpg increase at 12 amps with 4300 miles now driven, couldn't be happ(ier).”
- Mark Berry/

RV 30ft. 6.0L Diesel  1990
“I've fitted everything up to my 30ft RV. 6.0L diesel 1990 no sensors obviously. I'm having trouble believing what has happened, could you tell me if you have heard of results anything like these. The motor is at least 30% quieter; probably 20% gain in horsepower, fuel has gone down 200% before I was getting 6.5 to 7 Kpl now it is a fraction over 20 Kpl. I just don't understand how such an incredible change and please let me know what you think. I've only done a couple of hundred kilometers since working out the best amps to run it at which is 16 x2 32 my figures are definitely accurate.”

Scion XA  2005
“New test results in on this beautifully installed 2005 Scion XA. First City test at 9-13 amps with a complete conversion kit + Volo FS2 chip. 43 MPG in city...”

Toyota Corolla  2006
“Yes, after emailing a few other people, they all say the hho production has to be at least 50 lpm or more to run it alone.  I thought if I could inject it closer to the chamber rather than just through the air intake it might work considering I'm making about 3 lpm of hho gas.  I have a 2006 toyota corolla, 264,000 miles.  mpg before was 30 hwy, then 40 and then 55 after the install.  I bought a volo chip and that increased it to 65 -70 hwy.”
- John Bails

Toyota Tacoma 2.4L, 4 cylinder with 159 thousand miles  2000
MPG city 16.3 mpg increased to 22.1 mpg
70-75 mph highway: 24.6 mpg increased to 39.2 mpg
55 mph roads: 26.2 mpg increased to 48.9 mpg

Toyota Avalon  2005
City N/A , strictly highway miles!
Hwy Before: 24 to 25MPG
After HHO: 28MPG
MPG After Install
City N/A Hwy About 36-37. Record highway tank is 37.6
“MPG running on ONE reactor only for a 3.5L engine. For what it’s worth, at 13 amps during these highway tests, the 1-quart reservoir, after 250 miles of driving, would only use about 1/3 of a quart of water.”

Volkswagen Jetta Engine Size: 1600cc diesel  2011
“ I've had my Dual complete conversion kit installed newly and having some gain circa 30%.”
33 MPG combined Before
43 MPG Combine AFTER

Volvo S40 1.8 L  1998
“I got 34.5% MPG increase.”